What Is it?

We made Big Ben to prepare the future generations for the tough financial environment America has. A 2018 study showed that over 69% of workers currently in an office are stressed out over money. From the same study, 72% of workers admited that they often worried about their finances while they were at their job. Habits such as spending and debt put most Americans into bankruptcy and massive amounts of debt that takes years to pay off. The purpose of BigBen is to help our future generation develop good habits early on so that they know how to avoid developing bad habits later.

Why Is It Important?

Looking at our competitors, we noticed that their websites didn’t have a kid-friendly interface. Some of us being young kids, we knew the things that we enjoyed seeing in a website, such as bright and exciting colors, lots of different photos, fun examples, cool fonts, and challenges. Unfortunately, in most currently existing financial platforms for kids, little to none of these expectations are met, which makes the experience an overall unpleasant one. We fear that this experience will lead our next generation to have a negative view on the world of finances, thinking:

“It’s really boring and excessive!”

“Nothing about it is interesting at all!”

“Why can’t I just do something else?”

By creating our website, we wanted to reverse these views by providing young children with a positive look on finances at a young age, which will carry on a good impression of it as they mature into adults.

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