Who we are

Moh. Alsharif

Muhammad is a 19 year old junior at UCSC studying computer science. He has 4 years of experience in coding and enjoys mainly working with C++. In his free time he likes to do volunteer work with nonprofits.

Kenji Wang


Kenji is a 6th grader (11 years old) with 2 years of coding experience. He has proficient knowledge in 9 coding languages including C++ and PYGAME. He focuses on coding new features, improving old ones, and writing the "messy code." Kenji wrote a majority of the code for the project, including the quizzes, buttons, login/signup system, budget calculator, etc. He also helped research background information to create some of the financial lessons in the website.

Keizou Wang


Keizou is a 6th grader (11 years old) with 2 years of coding experience. He has proficient knowledge in 6 coding languages including C# and PYGAME. Keizou mainly focuses on writing the lessons, making some of the short animations (view the debt, banking, and saving lessons), and tweaking some of the code. Keizou spends his extra time designing and creating the short animations you see in some of the lessons in the form of gifs.

Kierra Wang


Kierra is an 8th grader (13 years old) who is going into her 2nd year of coding. She has proficient knowledge in 4 coding languages, but she mainly focuses in front-end coding. Kierra controls a majority of the overall design choices of the website. Before the official coding of the website, she designed the layout of each page and later assisted in writing the code to make everything look the way we planned it. In addition, she did research for a few lessons and created all of the quizzes related to them.

Anna Pearson


Anna is currently a student at UCSC studying Cognitive Science concentrated in Artificial Intelligence. Passionate about the intersection between computer science and cognitive science, she is interested in topics of research in anthropomorphic Artificial Intelligence, human computer interaction, human factors engineering, UX, and data science.

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